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Shipping Update

The postal service for some areas is still slow. For most of the world we can ship direct but it's slower than it used to be.

** For the USA we ship using Fed Ex to a US based distributor and then distribute via the US Postal Service. Because of this we need to limit our shipments to about once a week. Actual delivery times should not be adversely affected since direct shipping usually results in customs delays of about 10 working days and FedEx is much faster. It does however mean that we don't have individual tracking numbers for the FedEx part of the Journey. **
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We work primarily in 3 metals; Bronze, Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver. We offer one of the widest ring size ranges on the market so it's just not practical to hold stock of every ring in every size in all three metals. If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone, then we're probably not for you, but if you don't mind waiting for a short time and you're looking for a high quality, well made piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime then we are definitely here for you.

All our rings are individually made to order which means they are cast and finished just for you. This takes time - usually about 3 weeks. The rings are solid, hand crafted art rings, comprised of a single piece of metal. There are no seams in our rings. To honor our guarantee of free resizing we will always cast a new ring, because there's no other practical way to change the size and maintain our high quality craftsmanship.