About Us

Hi, those of us at Big Joe’s Biker Rings would like to tell you a bit about ourselves.

We are a group of artists who work in metal and have established a workshop in Southeast Asia. We hail from multiple countries including USA, Canada, Belgium, UK and Thailand. We aren’t big enough to be called a factory and we hope we never are. Our designs, whether completely original or our version of a classic design, all express our commitment to quality and attention to detail. WE MAKE ALL OF OUR OWN PRODUCTS.

A large part of our business the public only sees on the finger of a member of the club or organization we made it for, our clients are a broad spectrum from old school biker clubs from the 40’s to the newest chapter; or companies or not for profit organizations, as well as churches, military organizations, law enforcement and anyone else who has the desire to see their own design become real. A frustrated artist can submit a drawing to us and we can create virtually anything in Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Pewter or Stainless Steel.


Being located in the Southeast Asia we have access to the best stones at the best prices, Diamond, Sapphires, Rubies, and many many semi-precious stones as well. Any color and any size you can ask for. We never use nickel in our alloys. Our silver is 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% pure Copper. Our Stainless Steel is 316L Surgical Grade Stainless it will never pit, tarnish or rust.

All of our products are HAND FINISHED this is very important and allows us to establish effects through oxidization that enhance the character of our unique designs.

Everything we make is lifetime guaranteed. Period.


A word about sizing, we deal with people in over half the world’s countries and it seems there are nearly as many sizing systems, you can give us you size in your countries system and usually we already have a chart, or you can give us the circumference of your finger in mm (not too tight) and we can make it up for you.

When we custom cast it can take up to two weeks in production but we can make ANY RING ANY SIZE the current record is a USA size 30! For a Professional Athlete.


We supply wholesale orders at great prices but we do have minimum orders and some restrictions you can contact us directly for details.


We are constantly developing new designs and would love to hear your suggestions.

More than one ring has been developed because a customer talked us into it. Of course you can always develop an idea on your own, and you’d be surprised how inexpensive it is and you would own the design 100%.

Communication is the key to good business on the internet. We try our best to respond to your email within hours but we do take time off now and then, and might not answer for a few days.


We offer a special trade up deal to all our customers, any Bronze ring can be swapped for a full credit towards the same model in Silver or Stainless Steel. Return it to us in good condition, don’t worry about tarnish, we polish rings all day long, and we’ll credit you the full purchase price toward your upgrade. Also we will swap any ring that doesn’t fit just right and as a last resort we will refund your money.