About Our Products

All of our products are made to order, hand-crafted and hand-polished, and every step of the way Big Joe’s Biker Rings is there.

Our staff take stringent quality control checks throughout every step of the production process. If there is a problem we will do everything to make it right, and make it right quickly. We are proud to say that we stand behind our products 100% and everything that is shipped out comes with an unconditional guarantee.

As you will see on our site these are heavy and detailed rings. Compare the weights of our rings to other rings of similar style. Ours are heavier and better quality than anyone else’s. By default all our rings come in sizes 6 – 16, but we are happy to do smaller and larger sizes as required.

We can add precious or semi precious stones at great prices for a one of a kind ring. 

Contact us for details as we mentioned above, these are only a few of our rings. Rings with stones, gold rings, and one-of-a-kind rings can be seen here on our site.