Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetle Khepera Pendant

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Khepri is a god in ancient Egyptian religion who represents the rising or morning sun. By extension, he can also represent creation and the renewal of life. Khepri is derived from Egyptian word "develop", "come into being", or "create". The god was connected with the scarab beetle because the scarab rolls balls of dung across the ground, an act that the Egyptians saw as a symbol of the forces that move the sun across the sky. As such Khepri was a solar god. Young dung beetles, having been laid as eggs within the dung ball, emerge from it fully formed. Therefore, Khepri also represented creation and rebirth, and he was specifically connected with the rising sun and the mythical creation of the world.

Hand-Finished and Polished Pendant in Solid Bronze, Surgical Stainless Steel 316L or Solid Sterling Silver 92.5%

  • Opal Inlays
  • Dimensions of Pendant: 38mm W x 40mm H